GoAnywhere Agents provide automated file transfers and workflows on systems throughout the enterprise. The agents are managed by a central deployment of GoAnywhere MFT, where you can configure and schedule agent file transfers and business processes from an intuitive browser-based interface.

When file transfers execute, all log data is streamed from the agents to GoAnywhere for consolidated auditing and reporting. This unique approach provides visibility of all file transfers within the organization.

Agents can be installed onto almost any server or workstation where file transfers or workflows need to be performed including Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM i and Mac OS systems. These systems can reside on-premises or in cloud infrastructure such as Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure.

Agent Features

  • Automates and secures file transfers within a centrally managed environment
  • Monitors folders on agent systems for new or modified files
  • Schedules file transfers on agent systems to run at future dates/times
  • Provides additional workflow capabilities such as compression, decompression, data parsing, database integration, PGP encryption and decryption, SFTP and SCP file transfers, and native command execution
  • Sends automatic alerts via email or text messages when file transfers fail on agents
  • Feeds audit data to the central GoAnywhere MFT solution for central reporting
  • Location and status can be monitored via an interactive Agent map
  • Automatic notifcations are sent if an Agent goes offline

Agent Deployment
The following illustration shows how Agents can be installed on systems in your organization’s network and at remote locations:

1. Agents in the Internal Network

Agents can be installed on servers or workstations in your network for transferring files from/to GoAnywhere and other systems for processing. The agents can perform additional workflows on the system where the agent is deployed such as copying files, running commands or parsing data.
2. Agents at Remote Locations
Agents can be installed at remote locations to automatically monitor folders and transfer files on an automated basis. This “retail polling” feature is ideal for synchronizing files between a corporate data center and remote locations such as stores or branch offices.
3. Agents on Trading Partner Systems
Agents can be installed on servers owned by your trading partners. When a trading partner places a file in a folder which is monitored by the agent, GoAnywhere can automatically pull the file to your organization's network. In turn, GoAnywhere can use those agent connections to push files to your trading partners.
4. Agents on Cloud Infrastructure
Agents can be installed on server instances within cloud infrastructure like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. These agents could be used to move files securely between the cloud and your internal network.
Agent Maps
Agents can be visually monitored and managed via an interactive map. Agents are color coded to indicate if they are online or offline. Simply click on a pin location to launch the Agent console.

Complete Management and Security

GoAnywhere is a managed file transfer solution that centralizes control of all connected agents. Administrative users in GoAnywhere will configure the work that should be performed on agents and can also view events that occurred, such as file transfers or completed workflows.

The communication between each agent and GoAnywhere is encrypted using SSL/TLS. The authentication is a multi-step secure process establishing trust between agents and GoAnywhere. Agents do not have their own individual user interface since administration is performed through GoAnywhere's browser-based console.

Agents can be grouped together to simplify setup and configuration. This allows users to define tasks that should run on all agents in a group. For example, an organization that has hundreds of retail stores can easily roll out new files to each store in the group. Or, a group of Linux servers can be defined to execute the same shell scripts on all systems at once.

GoAnywhere automatically distributes software upgrades to agents as needed. This is a seamless process in which GoAnywhere will upgrade agents while they are idle (to minimize disruption).